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The Ultimate Pilates Xmas Pack

This Pilates Christmas pack will be the gift that keeps on giving! This is the ultimate home pilates kit that will set you up with all you need for home workouts. This pack comes with a MONTH FREE unlimited access to LIVE and ON DEMAND Pilates classes which include beginner, intermediate, core specific, running focused and stretch sessions. These classes are run by me and suitable for ALL fitness levels and ages. If you know someone who could benefit from improving core strength, joint mobility, posture and flexibility this pack is all you need.

The Ultimate Pilates Pack comes with sliders for core and glute work, a spikey ball for mobility, a glute band for pelvic strength, a theraband for leg and arm workouts and  Pilates ball to really target the core, inner thighs and assist spinal alignment.

If I was a Pilates tradie, this would be exactly what I would have in my tool kit to keep strong, limber and fit: 'home maintenance' quite literally. 

On receiving your pack, email me as to when you would like to start your FREE Pilates month.