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'Tendinitis' - Achilles Tendinopathy

by Alice Baquie 1 min read

'Tendinitis' - Achilles Tendinopathy

Often experienced by runners, cyclists, swimmers and tennis players, Achilles Tendinopathy occurs as a result of inflammation of the Achilles Tendon (the large tendon that attaches the calf to the back of the heel).


What are the symptoms of tendinitis?

Symptoms often include a dull ache (especially during movement or early morning) and stiffness of the calf, tenderness to the touch and mild swelling. Without treatment it can lead to severe tendinitis risking a rupture of the tendon requiring surgery.

Causes and treatment of tendinitis

Whilst tendinitis can be caused by a sudden action causing injury it is more commonly caused by repetitive actions that overload the tendon causing damage over a longer period. Adding too much distance to your routine in a short time period can play a role in the cause. Age can also be a factor, as we age our tendons become less flexible making them more susceptible to damage.

Most cases can be treated with rest, self care, physiotherapy and medication to reduce the pain. If experiencing persistent pain you should be seen by your doctor and/or physiotherapist.

The best action to take is:

  • Ease up on the activity that causes excessive stress on the tendon
  • Ice the area to help reduce inflammation
  • Mix in some less impact exercises
  • Focus on the correct technique for your specific exercise
  • Ensure you use specific calf stretching exercises after exercise to maximise the range of motion of your achilles tendon
  • Strengthen your calf muscle 

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