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Couch to 5km Part 2

by Alice Baquie 2 min read

Couch to 5km Part 2


 We have done a little run down of the important factors in our ‘moccasins to runners plan’ AKA ‘couch to 5km” in part 1.

The real question you would like to know is:


 Well, here it is. The nitty gritty base plan I think is a great intro to running that will see you make nice steady gains without the peaks an troughs often associated with "flight to fitness" regimes.

Side note: did I mention you will “accidentally do a half marathon” in WEEK ONE? (Minor detail of course.)

See below exactly what I mean.........


Running is a wonderful sport and I am totally for it. Any age, any fitness capacity and any one should be able to grab their trainers and head out for a walk/jog. To get to 5km continuous running from couch level is easy enough so long as you duck and weave the niggles which can occur if we get too overzealous. It is easy to bite off more than you can chew once you get some momentum going and having a plan written down can help that!

Here is an example Program I would give to a patient going from COUCH-5km with no recent running history:



Walk jog:

10min walk warm up,

(1min jog, 3min walk) x5 5min walk cool down

5km give or take speed


Pilatesrun specific


Walk 40mins



Cross train:

Swim, walk, ride



Walk jog:

10min walk warm up,

(2min jog, 3min walk) x4 5min walk cool down

5km give or take


Pilates 30-40mins

Glutes, core, functional strength



Walk jog: “long run”

15min walk warm up,

run ten mins continuous, cool down: 15 min walk





Easy swim, easy walk, bike ride for coffee etc




WEEKLY TOTAL: ROUGHLY 21KM and that is not even including the cross training!

It may feel short, even boring, BUT…. If you look at it, you have actually just done a half marathon in a week! What.

 Yes, there is a lot of walking in there, but hell, a week ago you were up to season 15 in Grey’s Anatomy and had only been walking to Dan Murphey’s x2 a week to re-stock.

 Let’s reflect on the above program for a bit.

It’s a great mix. A bit of strength (easy to use format from home- no gym required), you can take your kids on the bike while you walk/jog and have them with you before the start climbing the ‘iso walls’ and there is plenty of options to cross train so you don’t develop niggles.

This is only week one, but by week 6-8 we can have you up to 5km running continuously!

Come and try a free Pilates class below!

Stay tuned, stay sane (if in Melbourne right now) and stay healthy!


Alice Baquie

Physiotherapist, Online Pilates Founder

Also in Injuries, Prevention & Rehabilitation

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